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Monkey Profile #8

Spike: A little bit silly, a little bit serious

Spike looking out the window

Spike is a handsome 32-year-old capuchin monkey living here at The Monkey College. Helping Hands: Monkey Helper Director of Monkey Care Alison is fortunate to work with him daily. Like many of us, he has a very serious side and also a very silly side depending on the moment! He loves to cuddle in the sun while having his nails filed, and swim around in a very full bathtub. Warm water and lots of bubbles make his day. Notice how happy he is drying off in a fluffy towel after a bath!

Spike and AllieAlison often mentions that he’s a very mature monkey. He doesn’t try to get involved in monkey spats or pick on anyone. He’s a peacemaker. Did you notice his beautiful markings?  Spike is a Cebus capucinus or white-faced capuchin, one of just a couple of his species in our program.

Guess what? This handsome fellow is a bit of a celebrity—check for him in your 2019 Helping Hands: Monkey Helper calendar!Spike in a towel

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