Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkeys In a Minute

How does a monkey learn tasks that help a human recipient? What do monkeys do for fun? What is it like living with a monkey? Our short videos answer these questions and many more. Enjoy these “behind-the-scenes” glimpses of monkey training and placement that show the incredible impact of our supporters’ donations and volunteer efforts.

Helping Hands would like to thank the Ludwick Family Foundation and Trillium Studios for making this very special film series possible.

Episode 2, 2013 - Michael and Kathy

Meet Michael and Kathy, together 2007-2016.

Episode 1, 2013 - Training Philosophy

You’ve heard the expression, now see how it works: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Episode 10, 2012 - A Donor Story

Meet Lisa Flores, chair of Helping Hands' Annual Food Festivale, and hear why she loves volunteering for Helping Hands.

Episode 9, 2012 - Beyond the Tasks

Sharing life with a monkey is full of wonderful moments.

Episode 8, 2012 - Advanced Training

How do trainers fine-tune a monkey’s skills?

Episode 7, 2012 - Fun

If you’ve ever wondered how monkeys at The Monkey College have fun, watch this.

Episode 6, 2012 - Placement Week

What happens when a Helping Hands team and monkey arrive at your home?

Episode 5, 2012 - Grooming

What does it mean, and what does it feel like to be groomed by a monkey?

Episode 4, 2012 - Why Are We Here?

The training, the hard work, and the love pay off.

Episode 3, 2012 - Bath Time

Who doesn’t love watching a monkey take a bath?

Episode 2, 2012 - Basic Training

Watch Dillon learn an early training task. Don’t miss the very end!

Episode 1, 2012 - Why Capuchins?

What is it about capuchins that make them such good helpers?