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Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Corporate and Foundation Support

We are grateful to acknowledge the generous support of these corporations and foundations who have donated to Helping Hands in 2018. If you are interested in supporting Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers, please contact Angela Lett, Executive Director.

  Bushrod H. Campbell & Adah F. Hall Charity Fund The Charles Evans Foundation Copeland Family Foundation, Inc.
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
The Eleanor P. Stuart & Mary C. Stuart Family Foundation Frog Crossing Foundation The Gordon Family Foundation
The Hamilton Company
Charitable Foundation
The Helen W. Bell Charitable Foundation The Jacob Burns Foundation, Inc.
Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation, Inc. The Johnson Family Foundation JSRM Foundation
Laura J. Niles Foundation
Louise Pfister Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Michele & Agnese Cestone Foundation The Montei Foundation
The Powell Foundation The Rands Foundation The Richard & Natalie Jacoff Foundation, Inc.
John A. Scileppi Foundation


The Segel Foundation

The Spark Fund Special People in Need
W. Y. Campbell Family Foundation Whitney Young Children's Foundation
The WORK INC. Foundation for Charitable Giving The Workman Family  

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